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ERCO: Thanks to intelligent automation the main characteristic of ERCO’s production is flexibility


ERCO specialises in light engineering software and hardware for architectural lighting. „First and foremost we sell light, not luminaires“ – This approach which places the immaterial light ’software’ above the physical hardware of the luminaires has been the trademark of ERCO for many years. That is why the company calls itself: ERCO, the Light Factory.

ERCO has its headquarters in Lüdenscheid, a traditional industrial town in the heart of Germany. The majority of the more than 1000 employees works in the development, production, sales and administration departments and additional employees are working in the different offices and showrooms all over the world. The ERCO plant consists of price-winning industrial buildings, being a living expression of the corporate culture. Several thousand luminaires leave the company every day, heading for buildings on all continents, complying with the safety regulations of the respective countries of destination. The manufacturing and testing processes are subject to strict certified standards which ensure that the products will provide a long service life.

The main characteristic of ERCO’s production is flexibility: thanks to intelligent automation as well as excellently skilled and versatile employees the production can quickly respond to the customers’ requirements and needs. New technologies such as digital control logic or LED technology are applied in ERCO’s laboratories in order to develop adequate and marketable products.

ERCO P3, the automatic high bay warehouse for pallets in sectional glass construction represents the core element within the extensive logistics systems.


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