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PRESSTALIS: Presstalis uses GCI TradeXpress to speed up and supervise data exchanges


Presstalis (formerly NMPP) is a major player in distributing and selling press. In France, Presstalis operates over 2,400 newspaper kiosks via its subsidiaries, Mediakiosk and Seddif. With more and more publications coming off the press, the company wanted to carry out sales surveys, better understand customers’ behaviour and manage automatic reordering to avoid shortages.

The IT department needed a system that could process and control the exchange of sales files between Presstalisand the points of sale.

GCI TradeXpress was chosen for reliable, flexible and upgradeable exchanges between Presstalis and dealers. The integration platform manages file exchange between Relay and Presstalis wholesalers and between the survey companies and Presstalis. It tracks packages transported by the Presstalis logistics network on behalf of customers.

With suppliers of complementary products for bookshops, Presstalis uses EDI to receive delivery notes and to send delivery reports.


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