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BEL GROUP: Bel Group - Leading the Herd

 Bel Group
 Food & Beverage
S&OP Supply Chain Visibility Productivity

Founded in 1865, the Bel Group's mission remains the same today: developing and manufacturing high quality, brand-name cheeses enjoyed around the world and affordable to all. Bel Group partnered with JDA to help manage its global growth, as well as the logistics challenges and constraints that have accompanied that success.

The company chose to work with JDA to achieve a consolidated view of demand, capacity and service levels across its worldwide operations in order to support a global sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. It achieved the following results:
- Implemented a global S&OP process, supported by JDA solutions
- Achieved a running 18-month forecast that captures 98 percent of global demand
- Decreased markdowns based on product perishability
- Increased productivity of the planning team


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