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PKCT: Port Kembla Coal Terminal improves performance in six months with Quintiq

 PKCT - Port Kembla Coal Terminal
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Port Kembla Coal Terminal, an Australian coal exporting terminal located south of Sydney on Australia's east coast, handles in excess of 13 million tons of coal annually from 12 mines. Coal is delivered to Port Kembla via road and rail, and is stored in a stockyard on site until the cargo is assembled, reclaimed and taken by conveyor to waiting ships. In 2009, 226 ships bound for ports in Asia, India and Europe were loaded with more than 13.2 million tons of coal and almost 400,000 tons of coke.

PKCT expects the Quintiq solution to maximize the throughput of the terminal by increasing the utilization of its stockyard, machinery and other critical port assets. Moreover, Quintiq will advance the planning process by automating many of its functions, shifting PKCT's embedded knowledge to the planning solution, and providing expert decision support. The benefits of the system will be organization-wide visibility, increased planner independence and a more efficient coal supply chain.
"The benefits that the Quintiq solution brought to the company were predominantly around the use of our constraint, that being our stockyard. We believe we've got about...10 percent greater utilization of the stockyard, therefore reducing bottlenecks on the inbound and outbound constraints, and increasing throughput as a result".
Mark Beale,
Operations Planning Manager,

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