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TRANSAVIA: Quintiq helps Transavia Airlines optimize maintenance planning

Aircraft Maintenance Planning Operational Planning & Scheduling Workforce Planning

Transavia flies more than four million passengers to over 70 different sunny destinations, particularly around the Mediterranean Sea. Its fleet of 27 aircraft must be utilized as efficiently as possible reliable and accurate maintenance planning is very important in this regard.

Transavia plans the maintenance of aircraft with Quintiq. Transavia has improved operational planning and achieved higher interval utilization. (The interval is the time between two repetitive maintenance tasks.) Increasing the interval utilization has had two effects: it has decreased costs concerning the number of aircraft maintenance technicians needed, and allowed more efficient use of the airplane parts.
"The Quintiq planning solution enables us to optimally synchronize our maintenance planning to the flight program. Thus improving our interval usage with more than 10%".
Art van der Hoeven,
Project Manager,

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