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ENDERS: Enders opted for a four-aisle, fully automatic tote warehouse

 Food Processing

Enders GmbH & Co. KG, based in Reiskirchen (Germany) has more than 170 years of experience in the meat-processing industry. The fifth-generation family-owned meat wholesaler employs a total of 300 people and supplies butcher shops, the food service and meat industry, offering its customers an all-round offering including meat, cheese, canned food, equipment for convenience stores shops, cleaning supplies, clothing, machinery and more. Enders ranks among the 5 biggest direct importers for natural sausage casings in Germany.

- Consolidation of all 7,000 products into one warehouse
- Warehouse management system with interface to AS400-based ERP system
- Ergonomic picking system following the "goods-to-person" principle
- 13,500 tote storage locations in 2 different dimensions
- Warehouse for chilled (7°C/45°F) and dry food
- Products can reliably be traced by the warehouse management system
- All logistics processes are transparent
- Availability of the products is considerably increased
- Marked increase in quality of order processing, freshness of products, and hygiene during logistics operations
- Higher delivery reliability


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