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Oracle Agile PLM for the Semiconductor Industry


Semiconductor Industry Product Lifecycle Management Virtual Supply Management

The semiconductor industry is immersed in a sea of change as chipmakers wrestle with common challenges such as the constant pressure to innovate, virtual supply management, regulatory compliance, and the monetization of intellectual property (IP). To compete in this challenging environment, semiconductor companies are using Oracle’s Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions to accelerate design wins through reduced integrated circuit design-to-silicon cycle times, reference board design cycle times and operating costs, while achieving environmental compliance.

Driven by changing marketing demand, semiconductor companies have been compelled to redesign their business model and market focus. The continuously changing market trends have led to hit-or-miss efforts on the design wins that are critical for maintaining sustained profitability of multiple product generations and increased reliance on business processes including PLM, supply chain management, and cost and profitability management.


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