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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Master CPSM® – Certified Professional in Supply Management

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Education Center: Advance Operations Management School
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City: Basel

Duration: 9 days in a time frame of 6 months

The course is designed to prepare the candidate for international professional certification in Supply Management (CPSM®)  by ISM, the Institute for Supply Management.

The course provides knowledge of the economic and financial elements and benchmarking best practices applied to the most important and prestigious “global” companies. The integrated set of skills in fields such as commodity management, sustainability, and Supplier Relationship Management, allows the participant to grow continuously and lead value creation in every link of the supply chain.

The course gives a full view of the many aspects inherent to the management of the production chain such as: strategic Sourcing, logistics, Risk Management and global organisational strategies.

Today, more than 5,000 professionals are CPSM® certified.

The aims of the course are:
- Understanding the fundamentals of Purchasing and supply management.
- Improving performance to achieve an efficient Supply Chain
- Addressing managerial themes that Purchase managers address every day

On request, Advance also offers In-house training programmes

The course is divided into 3 modules, each one of which includes:
- A classroom training stage
- An individual study phase with remote support by the instructors.
- Simulation of an exam with discussion of the results

The course is divided into 9 training days with CPSM® certified instructors with many years of teaching and professional experience in the fields of Sourcing and Operations at World Class international companies. Hence, a good knowledge of the English language is required.

The CPSM® course is made up of 3 teaching modules. In order to obtain the certification, all the planned modules of the course must be passed.

MODULE 1: Foundations of Supply Management (3 days)
- Contracting & Negotiations
- Cost & Finance
- Valutazione e sviluppo di mercati internazionali
- Responsabilità Sociale
- Sourcing
- Supplier Relationship Management

MODULE 2: Effective Supply Management Performance (3 days)
- Forecasting
- Logistics
- Materials & Inventory Management
- Organizational/Departmental Assessment
- Planning
- Product Development

MODULE 3: Leadership In Supply Management (3 days)
- Leadership
- Risk & Compliance



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