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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Master Certified in Logistics, Transportation & Distribution - CLTD

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Education Center: Advance Operations Management School
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City: Basel

Duration: 5 days in a time frame of 3-4 months

Today's globalisation and increasing client expectations are putting those responsible for logistics and the distribution chain under pressure. Complex international contexts, as well as new technologies, require training and a “logistics culture” that only those with long experience in the field and international expertise can possess.

The CLTD programme was created with the intention of gathering together the best international experiences in logistics, distribution and transport and to create a programme dedicated to the logistics professionals able to supply: operational tools, best practices, experiences and contents to bring concrete solutions to the company.

The extent of the Master in Logistics allows it to deal deeply with all kinds of topics such as, for example: the connection with the supply chain and new trends (lean logistics), stock and warehouse management, Transport, global Logistics (infrastructure, customs, etc.), distributive network planning and finally Reverse Logistics. The aim is to provide participants with the widest possible spectrum of knowledge of such a vast field.

The Master is based on APICS’ Body of Knowledge (BOK) with the aim of:
- Transferring Best Practice into the fields of Logistics, Transport and Distribution
- Preparing the candidate for international CLTD (Certified in Logistics, Transportation and Distribution)
- Encouraging the passage from knowledge to skills.

The course is held by certified teachers with many years of experience teaching and professionally in the fields of Transportation, Logistics & Distribution.

Upon request, Advance organises in-house training programmes in any language.

The Master is divided into 5 days of training and 8 modules which cover APICS’ Body of Knowledge in the field. In the course of the programme the following are scheduled:
- A training phase in the classroom
- A phase of individualized study with long distance support by the instructors
- Simulation of an exam in the classroom with a discussion on the results

The Master is strongly interactive and accompanied by exchanges of experiences which allows the participants to enrich their knowledge and deal with their company’s problems.

The course is taught in English.

Other details and course contents are listed below.


Logistics and Supply Chain Overview
- Logistics Fundamentals
- Logistics Strategy within the Supply Chain
- Lean Logistics

Capacity Planning and Demand Management
- Aligning Supply and Demand
- Translating Demand into Capacity Planning
- Demand Management
- Sourcing and Procurement of Inventory

Order Management
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Order Management
- Customer Service Management (CSM)

Inventory and Warehouse Management
- Inventory Management in Logistics
- Inventory Management Method
- Inventory Control
- Warehousing Strategy and Management
- Packaging and Materials Handling

- Transportation Fundamentals
- Modes of Transportation
- Transportation Management

Global Logistics Considerations
- Infrastructure and System
- Regulations
- Customs Clearing and Documentation
- Finance and Payment Options
- Currency and Tax Considerations

Logistics Network Design
- Facilities Planning
- Distribution Network Design
- Risk Management

Reverse Logistics and Sustainability
- Reverse Logistics
- Sustainability



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Other editions of this course
in Switzerland:

19 Oct 2020  -  Lausanne

5 Nov 2020  -  Basel


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