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Demand & Supply Chain Management Evolution

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Master Black Belt in Lean CBBL 2nd Level - Live Webinar

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Education Center: Advance Operations Management School
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Language: English

Duration: 12 Webinar sessions in a 4 months timeframe

This Executive Masters Course communicates specific Lean Black Belt knowledge from the International Independent Board for Lean Certification (www.iiblc.org) Book of Knowledge.

The course is structured across six full time sessions concluding with the presentation of the final project.

The course is divided into:
a) a first theoretical phase  to prepare candidates for the theory exam: this phase ends with a simulated exam prior to the IIBLC® BB theory examination.
b) a second, practical, phase dedicated to the project to obtain the prestigious IIBLC® CGBL, Certified Black Belt in Lean certification. This phase offers an opportunity to all participants to get their projects underway; this is followed by two individual sessions to check project progress, and a final presentation of the project for all participants.

The course objectives are:
- to transfer knowledge of Lean strategy tools and techniques
- to provide the knowledge required to move from a "Current state" to a "Future state" of improvement projects in different production and service environments
- to provide a practical approach to successful Lean implementation by managing the necessary cultural and organisational changes
- to accelerate the learning and acquisition of Project Leader skills by examining and discussing a specific project proposed by the participant, and accompanying the project to implementation
- to prepare candidates for passing the IIBLC® Lean Black Belt (CBBL) exam, which includes both a theoretical and a project element.

Request the IIBLC® Book of Knowledge (BOK) Green Belt, Black Belt and Champion for 36 euros (including VAT and shipping).

Advance also offers In-house training programmes upon request.


The course includes:
- a classroom training phase
- an individual study phase with remote support from instructors
- a simulation of the classroom exam, with discussion of the results

In addition to learning theoretical concepts, practical exercises will be conducted during the course to allow immediate verification and application of the Lean concepts elaborated in the classroom.

The examination and discussion of the project are conducted with a Senior Lean Manager: this ensures an extremely practical and result-oriented approach for this course.

The course is structured across 6 days of classroom training with certified instructors.

Teaching is in English.


1. Recap Value Stream Mapping

2. Manufacturing
- The 8 Steps
- Mixed Model Value Streams
- Product Families
- Pacemaker
- Flow
- Pitch and Scheduling

3. Office/service
- Muda in the office
- Inventory types
- Speed/Cost/Quality Interaction
- The 6 steps
- Changing Demand

4. Resource & Development (R&D) innovation
- Product Development Essentials
- What makes the Development process different
- Lean Product development tools and principles
- Rapid Project execution

5. Healthcare
- Muda in Hospitals
- VSM "families”
- Standardised Work
- Visual management
- 5S
- Kanban
- Error prevention
- Creating flow
- Design

6. Total Productive Manufacturing (TPM)
- Basics
- Pillars of TPM
- Eliminate losses
- Preventive Maintenance
- Process Quality Management
- Management of new equipment
- Office TPM
- Education and Training
- Safety and Environmental Management

7. Project Management
- Project Charter
- Schedule Development
- Cost Management
- Risk Management
- Progress Reporting
- Project Closing
- Organizational Process Assets

8. Complementary techniques
- Additional Six Sigma Principles and Tools
- Process Mapping
- Theory of Constraints
- Kaizen Events

9. Change and sustainability
- Individual Level
- Group Level
- Organisational Level

10. Project deliveries

Initiation, follow-up and final presentation of the participant's project



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