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Education Center: Advance Operations Management School
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City: Basel

Duration: 2 days

Demand Driven Leader programme, teaches you how you can use the Demand Driven Operating Model, and how you can apply its principles when you wish to analyze and evaluate your busines. During the course, you will learn the DDMRP Operating model, the Demand Driven S&OP and their benefits. You will also learn how to manage both tactical and strategic aspects in the DDMRP context. The course DDL is mainly intended for functional Managers but is also very beneficial for their first line. Each participant of the DDL course receives a certificate of completion from the Demand Driven Institute. After the course, participants will take the test with Demand Driven Institute, to become DDLP (Demand Driven Leader Professional) certified.



The term DDMRP was first introduced in 2011. DDMRP is  a method of planning and execution aimed at correcting the inadequacies of Material Requirements Planning (MPR), in the face of increasingly volatile and complex supply and production scenarios. In fact, the complexity and high variability of markets, supply and competition make the use of the classic MRP standard planning techniques ever more difficult to use and not very useful, since it is based on assumptions of predictability of sales and solidity of supply that are becoming more unrealistic every day.

In order to attune production and Supply Chain organization with these new contexts, new principles and methods must be applied. The DDMRP gives an innovative and concrete answer.









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