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 22    October


Duration: 5 days in a 3 months timeframe

Advance has designed this Executive Masters Course to transfer Lean-specific knowledge from the International Independent Board for Lean Certification’s Book of Knowledge of (

You can also obtain Lean 6Sigma Green Belt certification by attending the Green Belt and the Six Sigma Green Belt add-on module, and taking the respective exams.

The course objectives are:

  • to transfer the Lean vision of how to create Value f

 26    October


Duration: 2 days

Demand Driven Leader programme, teaches you how you can use the Demand Driven Operating Model, and how you can apply its principles when you wish to analyze and evaluate your busines. During the course, you will learn the DDMRP Operating model, the Demand Driven S&OP and their benefits. You will also learn how to manage both tactical and strategic aspects in the DDMRP context. The course DDL is mainly intended for functional Managers but is also very beneficial

 29    October


Duration: 5 days in 3 months, 32 hours

"An award-winning ADVANCE course has a high added value as it enables you to prepare for international recognition certifications, and in particular the APMI CPIM course has allowed me to get the best international practices that have enabled me to start my start-up project in Rolls-Royce, giving me professional advancement both from the point of view of responsibility and remuneration. This led me to enrol me in another SC Management course - the CSCP - to gain additional skills to apply according to

  5     November


Duration: 5 days in a time frame of 3-4 months

This CLTD programme in classroom mode was created with the intention of gathering together the best international experiences in logistics, distribution and transport and to create a programme dedicated to the logistics professionals able to supply: operational tools, best practices, experiences and contents to bring concrete solutions to the company.

The extent of the Master in Logistics allows it to deal deeply with all kin

  5     November


Duration: 7 days + 3 webinars 1,5 hours

The Six Sigma Black Belt Programme was designed by Advance consultants to transfer internationally recognized Best Practices in the Six Sigma area to the Black Belt level. The Six Sigma Black Belt is a professional who can teach Six Sigma philosophies and principles, including tools, demonstrate leadership, understand team dynamics and assign roles and responsibilities to team members.
The Six Sigma Black Belt professional has an in-de

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Last update 5 Oct 2020
Global manufacturing recovery continues at end of third quarter
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit


The retail sector is always on the move. Whether this involves shopping centres, shops in inner city locations or at airports – trends change very quickly and the goods change just as rapidly too. To keep up with these developments, highly complex and process driven supply chains are needed. With our...

5 Myths About Shipping and Freight Forwarding in 2020

This year more than ever, the global logistics chain has had to fly by the seat of its pants. Constant disruptions and global uncertainty have led most businesses to reconsider their fundamental assumptions about the ...

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Tudor Rose International increases productivity through integrated SCM platform ASSIST4

Tudor Rose International is Europe’s leading export market management company specialising in building brands around the world. In business for nearly 30 years, the innovative company mastered an ambitious IT mo...

Reshaping The Interface Between Marketing And Operations In Globalizing Furniture Supply Chains

Over the past few decades, international fragmentation of production and offshore outsourcing have remarkably altered the organization of Western supply chains. Particularly in low-tech, manufacturing sectors, the fast s...