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Automotive supply chains need a resilience vaccine

Even though declared “pandemic” its Word of the Year for 2020, one could argue the term “supply chain” is a close second. 2020 was likely many people’s first time hearing about supply chains or experiencing the massive role they play in our day-to-lives.

Automotive suppliers, of course, have long been aware of the supply chain’s significance. Unfortunately, this knowledge didn’t necessarily make the events of 2020 any easier on them. What world events did do, however, is highlight areas of vulnerability and corresponding opportunities for improvement. One could say, in keeping with the 2020 Word of the Year, that the automotive supply chain needs its own vaccine of sorts: greater agility and resilience, developed from better visibility, communication, collaboration, and vigilance.


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04 Mar 2021
How Organizations are Evolving to Meet the Future Needs of Autonomous Warehousing

The future of warehousing and the supply chain execution industry has faced greater scrutiny than ever before in light of the global pandemic, rising consumer requirements and an increasingly strained labor market. As a result, global organizations are disrupting their status quo and investing in fo

Samuel Parker
Blue Yonder
04 Mar 2021
Managing Sustainability and The Circular Economy

Everything we do as humans is dependent on our ecosystem and its resources. This includes businesses that consume significant amounts of natural resources to power operations, manufacture products, and deliver finished goods. With such considerable consumption, many companies take from our environme

Nicole Wanichko
04 Mar 2021
Quali benefici dagli investimenti nel Manufacturing 4.0: il caso Coveme

Quali sono i benefici concreti che gli investimenti nel Manufacturing 4.0 generano? Possiamo trovare delle risposte a questa domanda prendendo in considerazione il progetto realizzato, con il supporto di Quin, per Coveme, azienda specializzata nella conversione di film in poliestere per vari settori

26 Feb 2021
Top 3 Strategies for Supply Chain Planners in 2021

In today’s ever-changing business environment, supply chain planners have a challenging task at hand. They need to understand the ongoing impact of COVID-19 and align short- and long-term supply chain plans to maximize market share and revenue targets. Some challenges supply chain planners

Tommy See
Blue Yonder
26 Feb 2021
5 Supply Chain Tactics for Adjusting to the “New Normal”

With the unprecedented outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, everything that we know about business has changed. As health and safety take priority and more people are working from home, companies have had to completely reorganize their operations to adjust to the "new normal" of today. For t

Robert Recknagel

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Last update 7 Feb 2021
Global manufacturing upturn slows at start of 2021 as supply chain pressures continue to build
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit


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