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Machine intelligence and human creativity in supply chain planning

I am reading this absolutely fascinating book “Deep Thinking: Where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins” by Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion. As the title suggests, in this book Kasparov shares a highly provocative point of view on artificial intelligence and its implications for the human race, with the backdrop of his 1997 loss in a highly publicized chess match up against IBM’s chess computer Deep Blue. The book did make me reflect on my own experiences and views on the division of labor between the machines and human supply chain planners.

Much has been written and said about how machine intelligence is impactin

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22 Oct 2020
How Automakers Can Reduce Internal IT Costs

Just a few years ago, a PWC survey found that cost reduction was one of the top three concerns at global manufacturing companies. Those companies were undertaking a host of different strategies to manage costs across the board—from operationalizing lean manufacturing, to driving efficiency imp

Brian Hoey

22 Oct 2020
Key elements of a collaborative network in the fashion industry

An established digital ecosystem lets brands reduce design-plan-manufacture cycles, improve supply chain planning accuracy, enable end-to-end inventory visibility, and help manage financial orchestration and liquidity. This helps ensure that the right products get to the right place, at the right ti


22 Oct 2020
Essere snelli o essere agili?

Una favola sull'efficacia della collaborazione tra metodi in tempi di crisi Qual è la strada che le imprese devono percorrere per affrontare con successo i mercati e creare valore in questo periodo così turbolento?  Noi pensiamo che possa essere vincente valorizzare le mig

Emanuele Farinella - Senior Consultant Project Manager
Festo Consulting

16 Oct 2020
The need for rapid transformation raises the bar for supply chain

During his Big Ideas in Supply Chain webinar, former supply chain leader and now consultant, Dirk Lembregts described the immediate response to Covid-19 as “five years worth of change [that] happened in five weeks.” Nearly everywhere there were stories of people and organizations coll

Patrick Van Hull

16 Oct 2020
Key Challenges in Forecasting Logistics Demand

When it comes to securing capacity for outbound shipments of goods, manufacturers are in somewhat of a bind. The market has become increasingly carrier-friendly, which means that it’s more common than ever for transportation planners to struggle when trying to find the right carrier at the rig

Brian Hoey

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Global manufacturing recovery continues at end of third quarter
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Supply chains and the power of artificial intelligence

Supply chain analytics isn’t a new concept – in fact the manufacturing sector has long been an enthusiastic adopter of data-driven techniques. So apart from a fancy new name, what’s really new? A com...


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