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How Data Accuracy in Your ERP Impacts Supply Chain Planning

With the seismic disruptions caused by COVID-19, many companies are looking for ways to automate and streamline their business processes and data. One way they are looking to do this is through the implementation of ERP systems. And the numbers are staggering, with Thomasnet estimating that during the COVID-19 crisis that started in March, industrial searches for ERP shot up 278% compared to Q1.

But there is a big difference between searching for a solution and implementing best in class software. While ERP systems can help pave the way to better data management, data accuracy is a critical concern at deployment and maintains its importance ongoing as the system comes online.


Dangers of Data Inaccuracy

Like all software deployments, ERP systems must rely on accurate

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17 Feb 2021
How to Balance Carbon Emissions Against Other Supply Chain KPIs

As companies begin to focus their business strategies towards more sustainable practices, it is vital to narrow this focus onto their supply chains. Greener supply chains can translate into significant financial and commercial benefits for companies, in addition to reducing negative impacts on the e

Nicole Wanichko
12 Feb 2021
What is Multi-Dimensional Monitoring?

With the ever-growing developments of artificial intelligence and real-time analytics, system monitoring is becoming more advanced. While previously, companies could only monitor data with flat metrics, more and more organizations are now making the transition to multi-dimensional monitoring, as a k

Nicole Wanichko
11 Feb 2021
Four keys to establishing intelligent supply chain control

For supply chain professionals in your organization to receive the flexibility and agility they need to increase speed, drive down costs, and satisfy customers, there are four critical components your company must possess. These include real-time visibility, predictive insights, prescriptive decisio

09 Feb 2021
5 Tips to Fight the Tender Rejection Rate

It’s been a rough 12 months thus far, and tender rejections are on the rise. It’s not too surprising as to why. The shipping industry has seen more goods than ever passing through the various supply chain channels, and 3PLs, shippers, and others have found themselves in a position where

Martin Pahulje
05 Feb 2021
5 Steps to a More Resilient Supply Chain

Every business needs to be prepared for unexpected and high-risk events, especially when managing its supply chain. Developing a resilient supply chain will allow your organization to quickly respond to and recover from potential interferences, creating a swift return to its original state or transi

Nicole Wanichko

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Last update 7 Feb 2021
Global manufacturing upturn slows at start of 2021 as supply chain pressures continue to build
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI   -  IHS Markit

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Maximum safety and reliability and reducing the costs for our customers at the same time: we are able to offer the chemical industry an extensive range of chemical logistics services that hardly any other logistics specialist can match. It is our goal to harmonise our services with your specifications in s...

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Let’s say you’re a kid, and you’re trying to set up a lemonade stand in front of your parents’ house. You go to the store (possibly with parental supervision) to get lemons and sugar, you come ...


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Erema: Gaining a competitive edge through preferential exports

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