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IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™

IHS Markit

IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™
Jun 2020
  Output falls across all sectors in May, albeit at generally slower rates  

Key findings:

  • Output indices mostly rise from record April lows but still indicate marked reductions in activity
  • Tourism & recreation again sees fastest rate of decline, followed by transportation
  • Healthcare services posts slowest decline in activity, but still a record drop for the sector

Global Sector PMI indices are compiled from responses to questionnaires sent to purchasing managers in IHS Markit's global PMI survey panels. Indices are available for the basic materials, consumer goods, consumer services, financials, healthcare, industrials, technology and telecommunication services industry groups, and sub-sectors of these groups.

The ongoing lockdowns across the globe to combat the coronarvirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic continued to severely restrict all sectors monitored in May. With the exception of healthcare services, which suffered a record fall in activity following April's strong increase, all sectors recorded either the second- or third-fastest rates of decline in output since the global data were first compiled in October 2009.

The fastest overall rate of contraction was again in tourism & recreation, despite a 16-point rebound in its Business Activity Index since April's nadir of 10.6. Transportationregistered the second-fastest drop in activity of all sectors. The two healthcare sectors – healthcare services and pharmaceuticals & biotechnology – registered the slowest declines in May, followed by beverages & food.

In terms of output over the next 12 months, 11 sectors anticipate growth, including chemicals, forestry & paper products, automobiles & auto parts, beverages & food, household & personal use products, banks, other financials, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, construction materials, technology equipment andsoftware & services.



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  Jun 2020 Markit Global Sector PMI ™ IHS Markit  


The Global Sector PMI data provide corporate planners and decision makers, economic analysts, policy makers and investors with a powerful and unique database with which to monitor business cycles by industry. Sector trends over time can be tracked as well as relative performance between sectors, allowing identification of key growth industries and the drivers within them. The dataset provides monthly indicators of business trends across variables such as output, order books, prices, inventories and employment for eight major groups including: basic materials, consumer goods, consumer services, financials, healthcare, industrials, technology and telecommunication services; and a further 26 sectors and subsectors of those groups.
(source: IHS Markit Global Sector PMI™ Index)


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