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6 Dec 2019
DACHSER erweitert Niederlassung in Öhringen
  DACHSER  -  Switzerland

28 Nov 2019
ABB technology in 40 fast-charging stations across Sweden for Vattenfall
  ABB  -  Switzerland

5 Nov 2019
ABB unveils modern production plant for energy storage systems in Baden
  ABB  -  Switzerland

5 Nov 2019
Interroll and Logstore deliver fully automated cell phone repair center to Grupo PLL in Brazil
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

17 Oct 2019
EFESO Consulting and FibonacciLab join forces
  EFESO Consulting  -  Switzerland

3 Oct 2019
ABB begins construction of new robotics factory in Shanghai
  ABB  -  Switzerland

4 Sep 2019
CEVA Logistics expands its presence in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  CEVA Logistics  -  Switzerland

28 Aug 2019
Swiss building materials players: Prepare for market slowdown
  Roland Berger  -  Switzerland

27 Aug 2019
Interroll acquires its sales and service agent in Iceland
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

20 Jun 2019
Oerlikon AM and MT Aerospace join forces to offer aerospace customers additive manufacturing solutions
  Oerlikon AM  -  Switzerland

20 Jun 2019
Interroll receives large follow-up order from South Korea
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

16 Apr 2019
Kuehne + Nagel launches KN Pledge – the first online seafreight service solution with guaranteed lead time in container shipping
  Kuehne + Nagel  -  Switzerland

16 Apr 2019
Interroll to deliver highly efficient crossbelt sorters to Swiss reference customer
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

4 Apr 2019
New Intralogistics for Thermoplan
  TWG  -  Switzerland

12 Mar 2019
ABB and Dassault Systèmes enter global software partnership for digital industries
  ABB  -  Switzerland

11 Mar 2019
Deloitte Global Study: Consumers Pump the Brakes on Autonomous Vehicle Adoption
  Deloitte  -  Switzerland

26 Feb 2019
BOARD named a Market Leader for Planning & BI by BARC
  BOARD  -  Switzerland

30 Jan 2019
UPS Packaging Design And Testing Enables Launch Of First-Of-Its-Kind Reusable Consumer Packaging Solution
  UPS  -  Switzerland

26 Jan 2019
Victorinox optimizes their logistics with KNAPP
  KNAPP  -  Switzerland

31 Dec 2018
MSC Strengthens East-West Network to Deliver Improved Service in 2019
  MSC  -  Switzerland


1 - 20 of 183
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Global manufacturing downturn eases at start of final quarter
   Source: J.P.Morgan Global Manufacturing PMI ™  -  IHS Markit


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Consumers crave trust and control in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

90% of consumers are using at least one ‘4th Industrial Revolution’ technology (4IR) including AI, internet of things, blockchain and drones. Consumers willing to share personal data if there’s a big...



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