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TRESPA: Trespa optimizes production process with Quintiq

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Trespa International B.V., with a staff of approximately 650 worldwide, manufactures more than 4.5 million square meters of paneling for facades, cladding and interior surfaces per annum. The rostering and scheduling of employees is a challenging task because of numerous skill constraints and constantly changing demands.

Trespa invested in a Quintiq scheduling solution for its panel assembly line (PAL) which includes the day-to-day scheduling of all the material press installations, and visualization and optimization of PAL planning. The solution interacts automatically with the SAP ERP system and manufacturing execution system (MES).

Based on its positive experience with regards to production scheduling, Trespa also implemented Quintiq for the rostering of all its production sections which is staffed by over 650 employees.

Yearly rosters are maintained for all of the employees, automatically incorporating constraints like labor laws, skills and individual contracts.

Trespa has reported higher delivery reliability and production efficiency, reduction of time and effort in planning, and increased transparency in capacity with Quintiq.
"With Quintiq, we can safeguard our high delivery reliability. Other benefits include better planning: we can do more with fewer people and yet have improved production efficiency."
René Boersma, Logistics Manager, Trespa


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