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LEONI: LEONI reduces stock with Infor Supplier Exchange


About the company
LEONI BordnetzSysteme GmbH relies on Collaborative Inventory Management with Infor. Whether your needs are for razor-thin bare copper wire or hybrid cables as thick as your arm, simple connecting cables or a complete automobile wiring system, LEONI ranks among the biggest and most successful manufacturers of wires and cables worldwide.
Some 47,000 staff members develop, manufacture, and sell standard and custom-made wiring products and solutions in 46 countries for the most diverse areas of application. To flexibly meet all customer requirements with its extensive range, LEONI must work closely and responsively with its large worldwide supplier base to ensure reliable supply to its 60 production sites.

A new strategy
To support the purchasing replenishment process, LEONI had relied on the supplier management system it had used since the 1990s.

Net purchase requirements were calculated through its ERP systems and demands placed on suppliers globally. The crunch came when it became clear that the planning process did not provide enough real-time information for LEONI to support a leaner supply chain.

With long supply chains that stretch across Eastern Europe, LEONI needed to get more visibility of its in-bound shipments and improve its tracking from dispatch through to receipt on site. Only through working more closely and more responsively with its large supplier base would LEONI be able to realize the potential benefits of lower inventories and improved supplier delivery performance.

The LEONI logistics experts therefore developed a new strategy for supplier management based on the principles of Collaborative Managed Inventory (CMI). In this, both manufacturer and supplier share responsibility for planning and holding the right inventory. Replenishment of the production facilities is made continuously via realtime demand signals to ensure supply with the least possible inventory.


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