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BRISA BRIDGSTONE: BRISA Bridgestone Scales for Continental Business Excellence and Boosts Manufacturing-Process-Query Speed by 100x

 BRISA Bridgestone
Production Optimization Plant Automation Warehouse Capacity

The roots of BRISA Bridgestone Tire Manufacturing and Trading were laid by the Sabancı Group, the leading industrial conglomerate in Turkey, as a 100% Turkish investment named Lassa Tire Manufacturing and Trading Inc. Production started in 1977, with sales in 60 Turkish provinces through 186 authorized dealers. In response to growth in the global tire industry, the Sabancı Group signed a joint venture agreement with Bridgestone Corporation of Japan, a world-leading tire manufacturer—with each party holding an equal share in the company. Today, BRISA Bridgestone is a leading tire manufacturer in Turkey and Europe’s seventh-largest tire manufacturer, internationally recognized for customer satisfaction and business excellence.

- Eliminate system crashes and performance issues—due to the use of concurrent databases for online transaction processes and online analytical processes when consolidating machinery production data into data warehouses and analyzing the data—to avoid production downtime and loss of revenue
- Enable efficient and accurate plant automation intelligence, some of which was impossible to achieve on the legacy HP platform—for examples: intelligence regarding scrap monitoring and waste management
- Enable system engineers to monitor production-critical parameters in real time—such as the ingredients of mixed rubber compounds and production-room temperature—and tune those parameters to prevent faults and defects in the final product
- Increase data warehouse capacity with extreme data compression to decrease total cost of ownership without sacrificing system performance and availability


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