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APPLUS RTD: RTD gets rapid return on investment after implementing Quintiq

 Applus RTD
Operational & Personnel Planning Multi Resource Planning Field Services Optimization

Applus RTD, founded in the Netherlands in 1937, performs quality, safety and reliability inspection services for technical systems. Applus RTD primarily serves in the offshore and onshore oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the chemical industry, power generation (including nuclear power stations), pipeline management and construction. The company also has branches in Germany, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Canada, the United States, Australia and Nigeria.

Applus RTD is able to get the most out of the utilization of its employees with Quintiq. This diverse group of employees includes local employees, permanent employees on international projects and a large group of subcontractors. The new Quintiq planning system keeps track of a number of factors such as employee certification, specific client needs, required material, government regulations/legislation on the use of radiation technology and working time regulations. Applus RTD is better equipped to respond to planning disruptions thanks to Quintiq's decision support capabilities and real-time planning environment. With Quintiq, Applus RTD freed up 20% of its equipment capacity, allowing a planned investment in new equipment to be postponed.
"We wanted one integrated solution for our Dutch and international planning activities that would offer the intelligence to improve our flexibility. In this way we want to be able to operate in a more customer-centric way".
Marcel Blinde,
Applus RTD Project Services


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