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GANTER: 'Our Customers Are The Central Focus'


Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG in Furtwangen, Germany, guarantees their customers a 98 percent delivery availability, which is a high-level commitment in view of the large range of SKU and product diversity. Ganter is stockpiling about 30,000 different parts at their plant and distribution centre. In order to adhere to the guaranteed delivery availability, Ganter needs all systems and processes to be absolutely reliable and available.

Ganter, a medium-sized family owned enterprise with more than 220 employees, is a leading provider of standard parts, offering an extremely vast range of clamping, locking and machinery elements as well as industrial components, articles for medical and rehabilitation engineering, food engineering and the wood-working industry, agricultural machinery and kitchen equipment. Another ever growing sector are stainless steel products.

- Retrofit during operation
- Increase in performance
- Migration to up-to-date S7 controls
- 3 days available for modernisation of each AS/RS aisle
- Minimisation of availability risk

- Extended service life of logistics installation
- Minimum impact of retrofit work on warehouse operations
- Worldwide "any place - any time" online service with S7 PLC
- TGW employees provide on-site support after updating
- Monitoring and preventive maintenance provided by TGW


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