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Marketing effectiveness


CIPS - Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply

What is marketing effectiveness? Marketing effectiveness is the quality of how marketers go to market with the goal of optimising their spending to achieve good results for both the short-term and long-term. It is also related to Marketing ROI and Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI)”.

Who is the primary audience for this paper?
Procurement people dedicated to managing marketing services, embedded in Marketing with regular involvement and high influence over marketing sourcing activities. This group can be proactive and add value not only in managing the performance of agencies, but also in influencing the marketers’ pre-sourcing activities. The knowledge of marketing activities and tools should be high therefore, that is where procurement should lead the implementation of ROI and measurement of marketing effectiveness. This paper provides a thorough explanation of tools, methods and approaches, as well as a list of providers in the market of such tools and consultancy services. Please note that the named providers are given as examples and are not endorsed by CIPS, other providers are available.

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