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Networked Resource Management: The CIO’s New Philosophy



Read this short article by Ingrid-Helen Arnold, SAP’s chief information officer. You just might experience a paradigm shift about the role of the CIO.

You see, the cloud has really changed things. As Arnold says,

“The cloud has had a significant impact on the way organiza­tions deploy their software and run their business, opening up seemingly limitless opportunities to access innovation that helps increase agility and improve efficiency, and that paves the way to new levels of integration with customers and partners.”

Because of this, the “I” in “CIO” may very well come to represent “integration” rather than “information.” Arnold goes on to explain why. (Hint: business networks are key)

What does that mean for your job? Download this article to find out. Then share and discuss with your peers. It’s time for a new philosophy!


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