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Order Placement And Distribution: Their Impact On Satisfaction And Word Of Mouth


Università di Verona - LogiMaster
Order Placement 3PL Logistics Service Quality

One of the key dyadic relationships across supply chain is between logistics service provider and the manufacturer. Over time the concept of logistics service provider developed toward service offering of greater complexity, combining new added value services they are often involved in the strategic coordination of their customers supply chain activities. This study investigates perceived satisfaction and the relative word of mouth in the Italian cold food supply chain, defined as the degree to which a logistics customer is satisfied with a third-party logistics provider's overall performance in the outsourcing relationship analyzing the order placement and distribution process as a baseline of the model. Moreover we added in our model returns management and customer value anticipation. We provided relevant insights for scholars and managers focalizing in a specific and less explored business context using the logistics service quality model.


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