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Putting Supply Chain Performance at Your Fingertips



Supply chain analytics can provide insights that focus valuable human resources on actions that have the greatest impact. Using well-chosen metrics, planners can pro-actively monitor, measure, control, and correct the key drivers of business performance.  

Leading companies strive to infuse their entire supply chain management system with the ability to sense and correct deviations from optimal performance. Building analytics into the fabric of the supply chain converts data into easily consumed knowledge, puts actionable information at the fingertips of stakeholders across the enterprise, and helps executives follow a course of informed, proactive decision-making based on:
- Metrics (key performance indicators, or KPIs)
- Proactive alerts (triggered by exception conditions and sparking directed action to resolve an issue)
- Predictive analytics (forward-looking scenario analyses)

Advanced analytics accelerate time-to-alert and time-to-resolution, prioritize high-value actions, and provide vital input to the S&OP process. Essential ingredients include robust monitoring dashboards, automated management by exception, and proactive alerting that sparks immediate action to correct performance issues as they arise.


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