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The main approaches in negotiating commercial agreements with external organisations

This module considers the application of commercial negotiations and the main approaches in the negotiation of agreements with external organisations. It also provides an introduction into the importance of power and the relationship spectrum in commercial negotiations.


Inventory Management- Product Rationalization

Right sizing inventory is a difficult task based on fluctuating requirements. Technology can be leveraged to manage inventory at an organizational level to determine product dependencies. Based on business needs, multiple strategies are available. Often, at some point, supply management must push back on stakeholders to reduce or eliminate inventory. This ISM supply management education course will show you how replenish strategies can be developed to optimize the system.


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Advanced Forecasting

Many supply management professionals claim that they don't "do forecasting." However, most will use historical data to predict future demand, plan budgets and order materials – activities that all require forecasting. In this ISM supply management forecasting course, you’ll learn the essentials of forecasting, enabling you to improve your knowledge and skills in this critical function.


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WBT TPM - Total Productive Maintenance

It is always better to act than to react. Bearing this in mind, many businesses strive to stabilise the performance of their plants and to introduce preventative maintenance. The term TPM stands for "Total Productive Maintenance".

The following results were achieved in industry processes thanks to the implementation of this method: a 40% increase in operating times, a 10% increase in machine speed, a 95% reduction in the number of unexpected machine downti


Creating a sourcing or category plan

This module considers how to create a sourcing plan for a strategic sourcing or category management process. It considers evaluating the data, interpreting the requirements, assessing the supply market and identifying opportunities and prioritising them.


Introduction to Spend Analysis

Spend analysis can refer to several different types of business analysis, all using spend data or data collected based on the money a company spends with suppliers. This course will introduce you to the categorization of the data, classification and determination of addressable and non-addressable spend. You will also review the Pareto analysis and the process of data cleaning. Upon completion of this course, you will be equipped with new skills and knowledge in financial analysis as a supply management professional.


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Enhancing Negotiation Effectiveness

Effective negotiation drives winning for both sides. But research shows that buyers and suppliers do not achieve a contract’s full value during implementation or execution. Value is compromised due to differences in strategic- versus tactical-negotiation perspectives. In this ISM supply management negotiation course, learn strategies and understand them in a practical way through a case study. This negotiation class will provide you with new skills to enhance your negotiation effectiveness.


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Implementation planning

This module introduces you to the process for developing an implementation plan for strategic sourcing and/or category management. It includes the benefits of using a plan, a comparison of the different routes to market, decision criteria and obtaining stakeholder buy-in to the strategy.


The main stakeholders in procurement and supply

This module examines the main internal and external stakeholders in the Procurement and supply function, and how you can identify them.


The main sources of information on suppliers and customers

This module considers the main sources of information on suppliers and customers, including how internet and other technologies have changed the way that procurement functions.

1 - 10 of 142
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