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25 Jun 2020
Interroll und Modumaq sorgen für maximale Flexibilität des Materialflusses bei Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Spanien
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

11 Jun 2020
Board International opens new office in Canada to fuel growth
  Board International  -  Switzerland

21 May 2020
ABB and Metsä Fibre sign agreement to supply electrification and drive technology for new Finnish bioproduct mill
  ABB  -  Switzerland

17 Apr 2020
Luxoft, a DXC Technology Company, Completes Acquisition of CMORE Automotive
  DXC Technology  -  Switzerland

9 Apr 2020
ABB partners with China’s State Grid to integrate large-scale renewables
  ABB  -  Switzerland

3 Apr 2020
MSC Keeps Europe’s Supply Chains Moving With Short Sea Services
  MSC  -  Switzerland

6 Mar 2020
Swissport International and Descartes Expand Real-time Tracking Network for Air Cargo
  Descartes  -  Switzerland

27 Feb 2020
ABB Robotics & Discrete Automation outlines strategy for profitable growth
  ABB  -  Switzerland

4 Feb 2020
UPS Erweitert Portfolio In Der Schweiz
  UPS  -  Switzerland

29 Jan 2020
ABB and Ericsson pave the way for digital transformation of industries
  ABB  -  Switzerland

17 Jan 2020
WiseTech Global acquires leading logistics solutions provider in Switzerland, SISA Studio Informatica SA
  WiseTech Global  -  Switzerland

14 Jan 2020
Interroll receives sorter order from Actemium Lyon Logistics for French postal hubs
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

10 Dec 2019
MSC becomes first major shipping line to use 30% biofuel blends
  MSC  -  Switzerland

10 Dec 2019
Interroll receives sorter order from Actemium Lyon Logistics for French postal hubs
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

6 Dec 2019
DACHSER erweitert Niederlassung in Öhringen
  DACHSER  -  Switzerland

28 Nov 2019
ABB technology in 40 fast-charging stations across Sweden for Vattenfall
  ABB  -  Switzerland

5 Nov 2019
ABB unveils modern production plant for energy storage systems in Baden
  ABB  -  Switzerland

5 Nov 2019
Interroll and Logstore deliver fully automated cell phone repair center to Grupo PLL in Brazil
  Interroll  -  Switzerland

17 Oct 2019
EFESO Consulting and FibonacciLab join forces
  EFESO Consulting  -  Switzerland

3 Oct 2019
ABB begins construction of new robotics factory in Shanghai
  ABB  -  Switzerland


1 - 20 of 197
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